CS 562/662: Natural Language Processing

Time: TR 2-3:30
Location: GH 5

Instructor: Kyle Gorman

Office hours: M 1-3 (and by request), GH 110

Natural language processing (NLP) is the engineering subfield of computational linguistics, the science of natural (i.e., human) language computation. This class covers algorithms and models which take language sequences (in this course, text) as input and produce useful structural annotations as output. Students in the course will implement core parts of NLP pipelines and evaluation tools.


80% MPs (10% each), 20% class participation


D. Jurafsky & J.H. Martin. 2008. Speech and language processing: An introduction to natural language processing, computational linguistics and speech recognition. 2nd edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. (NB: The 1st edition differs considerably and chapter numbers will not match those used here.)


Whig history of NLP
Probability theory review
1/6 J&M, chap. 1
Winograd 1973
Slides [PDF]
Monologue [PDF]
Text encoding
1/8 Spolsky 2003
Gorman 2014
Slides [PDF]
Text normalization 1/13 Sproat et al. 2001 Slides [PDF]
Word similarity 1/15 J&M, chaps. 19-20
Mikolov et al. 2013
Slides [PDF]
Stemming and lemmatization
Latent semantic analysis
1/20 Bellegarda 2005
Blei 2012
Slides [PDF]
Notebook [ipynb]
Topic modeling
Linear classifiers for NLP
1/22 MP 1 due Slides [PDF]
Notebook [ipynb]
Document classification
Sentiment analysis
1/27 Pang et al. 2002 Slides [PDF]
Computational phonology
Computational morphology
1/29 J&M, chap. 11
Kaplan & Kay 1994
MP 2 due Slides [PDF]
Tagging and chunking 2/3 J&M, chaps. 5-6
Marcus et al. 1993
Collins 2002
Slides [PDF]
Computational syntax 2/5 MP 3 due Slides [PDF]
Computational semantics 2/10 J&M, chaps. 17-18.3
Context-free grammars
Tree & grammar transforms
2/12 J&M, chap. 16 MP 4 due Slides [PDF]
Constituency parsing I 2/17 J&M, chaps. 13-14 Slides [PDF]
Dependency parsing I 2/19 J&M, chap. 12
Zhang & Clark 2011
Handout [PDF]
Constituency parsing II 2/24 Bikel 2004
Klein & Manning 2003
MP 5 due Slides [PDF]
Dependency parsing II 2/26 MP 6 due
Machine translation I 3/3 J&M, chap. 25 Slides [PDF]
Handout [PDF]
Machine translation II 3/5 Chiang 2005 Slides [PDF]
Evaluation 3/10 Belz 2009
Resnik & Lin 2010
Biomedical applications 3/12 MP 7 due
3/19 MP 8 due

(Activity in the week of March 16th TBD)


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